Smokey Sunday Send-Off Dinner

We had a final gathering on Sunday evening at our New Villager Condo #1307. The Satanic lighting was caused by the fire burning and spreading over in Warm Springs.

Fire Burns and smoke travels

Rob, Mason and Rex with the huge plume of smoke traveling across the Valley.

Dinner guests played games

Dinner guests played games


Dinner guests enjoyed dinner!

Some brave the smoky outdoors

Some diners braved the smokey outdoors

Cari and Sarah

Cari and Cousin Sarah bathed in the spooky light.

Last Days of Fishing

The last two days of fishing were extremely successful. Serena and Cari both catching in the double digits (number of fish, not fish size) on Saturday.
Serena and Cari Fishing Big Wood

Cari and Serena successfully fish the Big Wood River on Saturday morning

Serena with second catch of the day, a rainbow

Serena with her second of many catches of the day.

Dean’s big rainbow

Dean’s big rainbow on the Big Wood.

On Sunday we took Bill fishing and we had a great last day of fishing on the Big Wood.

Bill, Alex and Dean Fishing Sunday

Bill, Alex and Dean go fishing on Sunday.

Alex’s big rainbow

Alex’s big rainbow that was caught with lots of happy screeching from Al.

Beautiful Brook trout

Beautiful Brook trout that Al caught. Dean was a little envious since this is his favorite trout.

Big Al’s Big Birthday Extravaganza

Well, it was a heck of a hoedown with good food, good drink, good cake and good company. You couldn’t have planned a party this good. Oh wait, we did plan this party. Well then, those of you who came, we’re glad you were here to enjoy it with us. Those of you who missed it, well, you missed a really good party. There are a lot of pictures, so you will have to click the link below to go the the Party Gallery.

Al, as everyone knows, loves cake. Click here to visit the full gallery.

Redfish Lake Reunion

It wasn’t officially a reunion, but it might as well have been.

From tallest to shortest
From super tall to mighty mite

Ned and Bob
Bob and Ned – Bob still plans on growing a bit

Bob and Ned
And sometimes a prop can be a big help

Bob and Bev Tuller at Redfish Lake
Bob and Bev

Bill and Laryssa at Redfish
Laryssa and Bill

Ned and Susie Maguire at Redfish Lake
Ned and Susie

Geoff and Monique Tuller at Redfish Lake
Geoff and Monique

Gage Tuller builds a fortress at Redfish Lake
Gage builds a fortress to battle barbarians

Geoff braves the cold waters of Redfish
Geoff braves the cold waters of Redfish

Alex, Monique and Daisy in Redfish Lake
Alex, Monique and Daisy

Al videos Susie and Bev
Al works her video project on Bev and Susie

Serena and Cari at Redfish
Serena and Cari

Dinner with Heidi Ottley

Heidi hosted a beautiful evening cookout for in honor of Al’s birthday, and that what August really is all about, isn’t it?

Al, Glenna, Bev, Abbie, Cari

Ed, Heidi, Geoff

Laryssa and granddaughter Ana

Rex and Aunt Jeanne

Cousin Sarah and Robert

Al and Glenna

Ana rocks out to Heidi’s best of the 80s music

Cari and Heidi

Fishing the Big Wood with Cari and Serena

The four of us hit the Big Wood at the bridge right by Ingrid’s barn in Hailey. Everyone caught fish, fairly big ones too. Both Dean and Alex ended up with fish on the reel, and either you know what that means or you don’t. Cari and Serena don’t know what that means, but it didn’t prevent them from catching, on that special Purple Haze fly they got at Sturtevants.

Serena fishing the Big Wood
Serena fishes

Cari fishes the Big Wood
Cari fishes

Olympic Dressage Morning

Cari’s friend Ingrid invited us on a tour of the Olympic dressage training facility between Hailey and Ketchum and owned by Peggy and Perry Thomas and used by Debbie MacDonald and the famous horse Brentina. It is a remarkable facility and we look forward to cheering them on in Beijing  (Hong Kong).

Ingrid, Cari, Alex
Ingrid, Cari and Alex

Olympic dressage training ring
Not a bad workplace

Alex, Brentina and Debbie
Alex, Brentina and Debbie