Last Days of Fishing

The last two days of fishing were extremely successful. Serena and Cari both catching in the double digits (number of fish, not fish size) on Saturday.
Serena and Cari Fishing Big Wood

Cari and Serena successfully fish the Big Wood River on Saturday morning

Serena with second catch of the day, a rainbow

Serena with her second of many catches of the day.

Dean’s big rainbow

Dean’s big rainbow on the Big Wood.

On Sunday we took Bill fishing and we had a great last day of fishing on the Big Wood.

Bill, Alex and Dean Fishing Sunday

Bill, Alex and Dean go fishing on Sunday.

Alex’s big rainbow

Alex’s big rainbow that was caught with lots of happy screeching from Al.

Beautiful Brook trout

Beautiful Brook trout that Al caught. Dean was a little envious since this is his favorite trout.

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