Fishing the Big Wood with Cari and Serena

The four of us hit the Big Wood at the bridge right by Ingrid’s barn in Hailey. Everyone caught fish, fairly big ones too. Both Dean and Alex ended up with fish on the reel, and either you know what that means or you don’t. Cari and Serena don’t know what that means, but it didn’t prevent them from catching, on that special Purple Haze fly they got at Sturtevants.

Serena fishing the Big Wood
Serena fishes

Cari fishes the Big Wood
Cari fishes

Olympic Dressage Morning

Cari’s friend Ingrid invited us on a tour of the Olympic dressage training facility between Hailey and Ketchum and owned by Peggy and Perry Thomas and used by Debbie MacDonald and the famous horse Brentina. It is a remarkable facility and we look forward to cheering them on in Beijing  (Hong Kong).

Ingrid, Cari, Alex
Ingrid, Cari and Alex

Olympic dressage training ring
Not a bad workplace

Alex, Brentina and Debbie
Alex, Brentina and Debbie

Big day for small fish on Warm Springs

If you put all our fish in a line they’d make one really good, really big fish. We caught lots and lots – Dean landed 15 and Alex 7 – but they maxed out in the seven inch range, and Dean caught the smallest fish ever landed on a dry fly. If you don’t believe us, see the picture. We also went to Galena in the afternoon for a little party planning, because you can’t throw a party without having a wine tasting first.

Alex Tuller fishing Warm Springs
Alex on Warm Springs

Smallest fish ever on a fly
Dean catches a record fish on a dry fly

Bev Tuller at Galena Lodge
Bev at Galena Lodge

Big Al and Dean arrive in Sun Valley

We made the drive over the pass and through the super scary Idaho National Laboratory and the other worldly Craters of the Moon National Monument (see picture below). Special thanks to Astrid Flood for her most excellent short-cut directions to avoid the stop lights in Idaho Falls. They were, right at the gas station toward Ririe, then left, then veer right, then left and take that road to the overpass. And that may sound vague, but they worked like a charm.

If you need to reach us here, our cell phones work. The number at the condo is (208) 622-2757.

Here is Al at her condo

And here are Al and Dean at Craters of the Moon
Dean and Alex at Craters of the Moon

Fishing Fish Creek and the Snake River

This morning we fished Fish Creek where Jim Flood recently bought property. Lisa lives down the road. Alex caught two cutthroats and Dean caught one.

Alex fishes Fish Creek

Later in the day we went to the Snake River where we watched a pair of golden eagles soar and an osprey fish for dinner. The picture here is one Dean took of one of the golden eagles. We fished and had many strikes, but only one fish landed by Alex. A lovely rainbow trout.

Golden Eagle on the Snake River

Fishing Fall Creek

We took off on our own today, hacking through the overgrown willows off Fall Creek Road and into much smaller water than yesterday. It was a gorgeous day, but hot! Must have been 90.

Cutthroat Trout Fall Creek

So after a couple of hours on the river, a couple of nice fish and a little picnic, we packed up and headed into Jackson to see Harry Potter. It’s a birthday holiday, we can do whatever we like.

Alex in Jackson Hole
Alex in Jackson Hole after seeing Harry Potter