Redfish Lake Reunion

It wasn’t officially a reunion, but it might as well have been.

From tallest to shortest
From super tall to mighty mite

Ned and Bob
Bob and Ned – Bob still plans on growing a bit

Bob and Ned
And sometimes a prop can be a big help

Bob and Bev Tuller at Redfish Lake
Bob and Bev

Bill and Laryssa at Redfish
Laryssa and Bill

Ned and Susie Maguire at Redfish Lake
Ned and Susie

Geoff and Monique Tuller at Redfish Lake
Geoff and Monique

Gage Tuller builds a fortress at Redfish Lake
Gage builds a fortress to battle barbarians

Geoff braves the cold waters of Redfish
Geoff braves the cold waters of Redfish

Alex, Monique and Daisy in Redfish Lake
Alex, Monique and Daisy

Al videos Susie and Bev
Al works her video project on Bev and Susie

Serena and Cari at Redfish
Serena and Cari

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