Searinated duck breasts

duck_searinated1Searinated? No such word, but for my dyslexic brain it made lots of sense to me when Dean created a nice new descriptive word: searinated. Seared after marinated. I like it, like I said, I’m dyslexic, so I don’t care if the seared part of the word comes before the marinated part of the word. “Sear” being in the prefix position is the most recent thing that happened to the duck, “inated” happened earlier there for takes the suffix position. Anyway….

On a fairly regular basis we get game meat from a local Hunting Preserve. The meat has always been terrific. On Dean’s last trip, he picked up duck breasts (skinned), whole ducks, pheasant breasts (skinned),  whole chukar, whole quail and some venison tenderloins.

Yesterday I created a quick marinade of:

olive oil
cider vinegar
soy sauce

Mixed it all up and stuck duck breasts and marinade into a plastic baggie, into the fridge and a day or two or three later, eat. Eat by heating up a pan on medium high heat, a little canola or grapeseed oil and stick them on there for 2 1/2 minutes first side, 1 minute second side. Let rest and slice. See plated food below.


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