Snow Drops or Snow Balls whatever you call them they are our family Christmas cookie


My mom made these little sugar nut bombs every year. We had tins and tins of them stacked in the kitchen with hand written labels made from masking tape. People love these things. So much that they would request them of her starting in the summertime. When I make them and give them to people, I tell them: take it all in one bite, don’t inhale and be disciplined in how many you eat in succession.

This is the recipe right from mom’s kitchen card deck. How you interpret it will be how well the cookies come out. That is part of the fun.

Snow Balls

1 c butter
1/4 c sugar
2 c cake flour, sifted
2 c pecans, chopped fine
pinch salt
2 tsp vanilla
Lots of confectioners sugar (at least 2 boxes)

  • Cream butter, add sugar, gradually add flour and salt, then vanilla, then nuts.
  • Oven 350ยบ. Drop by small balls onto ungreased cookie sheet. Bake approximately 15 minutes. Cool on rack for 3 minutes. Roll in confectioners sugar until coated.

All I can say is good luck. As simple as this recipe sounds, it takes time and careful prep to make them come out perfect.

One year, Dean said, “Your mother’s are better than yours.” I was a little annoyed. This year when I was making them, I overcooked a batch and set them aside for him. It was then I realized, well, of course my mom’s are better, she gives him the perfect batch and I give him the rejects.

One thought on “Snow Drops or Snow Balls whatever you call them they are our family Christmas cookie”

  1. Giving him the overcooked ones could be part of it, but when we are next together please remind me to tell you the famous story about the newlyweds and the gefiltefisch.

    We are more or less cookied out but these ( Mexican Wedding Cakes is the name I learned ’em under) look so delicious and there wasn’t anything very much like them on this year’s roster and…

    I am hoping to be disciplined.

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