The Good Burger

I like burgers that are big, medium rare and full of flavor. But I’ll eat a burger that is really, really rare and like it a lot. How I like my burger affects how I cook my burgers. For those who don’t like their burgers as bloody as mine, there is a how to at the end of the recipe. I like half-pound burgers served on Elis brioche rolls. Most important on the method side is having a cold burger patty cooking on very, very hot surfaces. My add-in amounts vary – you need to experiment with your own taste.

Organic grass fed ground beef from your local farmer friend
Grapeseed oil for drizzling prior to cooking

Add-ins level 1:
Garlic, fresh crushed,
Wosterchire, dash per ½ lb
Soy, dash per ½ lb
Panko flakes
Egg, optional depending on the fattiness of the beef, you also may not need an entire egg in which ase you need to beat it and add a couple of tablespoons to bind the leaner meat together.

Add-ins level 2:
Any of the following to mix in to the beef mixture
Minced jalapeno, minced shallots, minced, red onion, cilantro

To top it
Blue cheese
Other cheese
Carmelized onions
Pickled onions
Pickled peppers

Rules to follow:

  • Gather your toppings first, cook, chop, crumble
  • Get all your ingredients prepped prior to mixing up the burgers
  • Your burger patty should look like a bialy not a bagel or baseball
  • Make sure your patties are cold and your cooking surface really hot
  • If cooking inside, there will be lots of smoke. Do not be afraid, have a fan ready

As mentioned above, whether cooking on the grill or stovetop or broiler, make sure the surface is really hot and the burger patties really cold. If you’re cooking them in the broiler, heat a cast iron pan several inches from the broiler for 15 minutes prior to cooking the patties.

Chill a cold metal bowl in the freezer for 5 minutes. Add your beef, salt, pepper and all the add-in ingredients you’ve selected from Level 1/2. Note if you need egg, definitely use panko flakes if you’re using the egg, add 1-2 tablespoons Mix with your hands until blended and form patties approximately 1/2lb burger meat per person. form the patties by creating a disc shape and putting a slight indent into the middle = like a bialy, not a bagel.

Sprinkle salt and a little oil on the top and this side is the side that goes down on the hot surface.

Chill the burgers if you’re grill is not ready or you didn’t follow the earlier instructions to have all the other things ready by the time you’re ready to put the burgers on the grill, under the broiler or into the skillet.

Get out of your mind time. That really can mess up a good burger. You need to have the really hot surface and the really cold meat connect, form a good crust on that first side. Get down and look at your burger. By crust, I mean that your burger meat is going to connect together and tighten and cook and seal in the juicy, not cooked meat inside. Once your first side has that crust formed, flip it. Add your cheese. Wait and check for the crust on the other side. Pull off the burgers sooner rather than later.

For the guests who like them a little more done. Cook them on the first side the same way, then leave them cooking on the second side longer and if you can move them off the really hot part of the grill then do so. A minute or two should do.

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