Idle Chatter about Sun Valley

There are tons of things to do in Sun Valley in the summer. Hiking, fishing, tennis, golf, riding, etc… For the past 9 years all I’ve done in Sun Valley in the summer time is fish and eat. If you’re looking to fish, go to either Lost River Outfitters or Silver Creek Outfitters to find out what the conditions are on the local rivers. You can hire a guide to take you out or you can just get into the Big Wood River and start fishing. You do need a license and those can be obtained at either of the above mentioned outfitters.

Hiking up in and around the Galena area is terrific. This is where the party is on Saturday night. Their website will have directions and information about the area.

I am going to try to plan a hike up to Norton Lake or a day trip to Red Fish Lake one day, so check back for details if you’re interested in joining us.

Robert Tuller Jr.’s crew arrives on August 12th. They are in New Villager 1297.

Dean and I arrive via Jackson Hole on August 14th. We are in New Villager Condo 1307.

Geoff and Monique Family arrive on August 15, New Villager Condo 1286.

Big Bob and Big Momma are staying at the Thorson’s and I think they arrive on August 14th.

Serena arrives on August 16th into Sun Valley, Delta arriving 11:20am.

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