Toasted pumpkin seeds


I have been unhappy with my pumpkin seeds in the past so I paid attention to them this year and found that this resulted in a nice light, salty, addictive seed. Pumpkin design by Cari Swanson.

  • Scoop out seeds from the medium pumpkin (or other winter squash)
  • Rinse goop off them
  • spread onto a parchment lined jelly roll sheet
  • put into a warm (low, low) oven for 10-15 min, or until dry
  • remove when dry
  • over medium heat (4-5 on the magic chef) heat 1 T unsalted butter in sautee pan
  • When it is melted and foaming, add the seeds and generously salt them
  • stir, shake, stir, shake until browned
  • add more salt to taste or maybe a little cayenne pepper

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