Fishing with Jimmy Flood in Pinedale

7 Mile Ranch

There is no better way to start off a fishing holiday – oops, I meant birthday holiday – than with a killer fishing day on beautifully maintained private water full of monster fish. The property is a 3000 acres and a former cattle ranch tat has been recovered, with the fencing taken down.

7 Mile Ranch

Wildlife flourishes there, and did I mention there are great big fish. We had opportunity after opportunity. Jimmy made good, catching at least ten. Alex and Dean made good too, catching fish.

Cutthroat Trout

Thanks Jim, you are a terrific host.

Alex Tuller and Jimmy Flood

Phase I, Al and Dean Arrive into Salt Lake

We rented our dinky little four-cylinder and took off down Interstate 80 for Jackson Hole to visit the Floods and do a little cutthroat fishing before we made our way to Idaho. Out first great stop was the No Worries Grill & Cafe, somewhere around Exit 139 or 140 (they are done at the mile markers and we didn’t think to mark it down). Terrific place, cute, highly recommended bit of local culture.

Sideview mirror view
Nothing but road behind us (same view in front too)

Idle Chatter about Sun Valley

There are tons of things to do in Sun Valley in the summer. Hiking, fishing, tennis, golf, riding, etc… For the past 9 years all I’ve done in Sun Valley in the summer time is fish and eat. If you’re looking to fish, go to either Lost River Outfitters or Silver Creek Outfitters to find out what the conditions are on the local rivers. You can hire a guide to take you out or you can just get into the Big Wood River and start fishing. You do need a license and those can be obtained at either of the above mentioned outfitters.

Hiking up in and around the Galena area is terrific. This is where the party is on Saturday night. Their website will have directions and information about the area.

I am going to try to plan a hike up to Norton Lake or a day trip to Red Fish Lake one day, so check back for details if you’re interested in joining us.

Robert Tuller Jr.’s crew arrives on August 12th. They are in New Villager 1297.

Dean and I arrive via Jackson Hole on August 14th. We are in New Villager Condo 1307.

Geoff and Monique Family arrive on August 15, New Villager Condo 1286.

Big Bob and Big Momma are staying at the Thorson’s and I think they arrive on August 14th.

Serena arrives on August 16th into Sun Valley, Delta arriving 11:20am.

August 18 BBQ Birthday Party

Hi Friends and Family,

You will be receiving an invite in the mail soon! Unless I don’t have your mailing address, then I hope to have your email address and you can download an invite pdf by clicking here or get the critical information below.

Birthday BBQ
Galena Lodge
August 18
Please RSVP by August 10

In the sidebar there are two useful links for finding things to do or places to stay in Sun Valley. I will update those as I find new and interesting sites.

Check back periodically and we will have more information about when people are arriving and what they are doing.

Look forward to seeing you all soon!