Perfect Fruit Salad

fruitsaladI never make fruit salad, it get mushy and people tend to put too much stuff in them or they do something weird like put bananas in it. Gross. But something prompted me to make one this morning and it turned out to be the Perfect Fruit Salad. You will need a bowl and a knife and a large spoon.

  • Small cantaloupe
  • Strawberries
  • Papaya
  • lime juice

Cut the fruit up into small irregular sized pieces so that a) you can get all three types of fruit onto the fork or in the spoon, and b) so that you can fit that fork or spoonful into your mouth without feeling like you’re going to gag or choke.

Put all the fruit into the bowl, mix it up, squeeze a lime wedge into the bowl and mix. Taste. Eat. Yum.